Beijing Man Jailed for Fictionalized Tweet


Oiwan Lam has a good account of the circumstances surrounding the arrest of a Twitter user in Beijing. He has been detained since November 7th apparently because of a fictionalized tweet about the 18th National Chinese Communist Party Congress. Here’s a translation of what is supposedly the offending tweet:

#spoilers #caution Final Destination 6 is about to show. The Great Hall of the People collapses all of a sudden. All 2,000 plus people in the meeting died instantly there except for 7 of them. But the seven died one after another in mystery. Is it a game of God, or the wrath of Death? How did the mysterious number 18 unlock the gate of Hell? Premieres globally on November the 8th. Bring you the most shocking scene! (translation from Global Voices, though I adjusted the translation of the hashtags)