Don’t Tase Her, Bro: US Police Taser Chinese Woman Thought to be an iPhone Reseller [VIDEO]

Steven Millward
2:24 pm on Dec 13, 2012

CNN has spotted a local TV news station in the US reporting on the unfortunate case of a Chinese woman in America being tasered by police in an altercation at an Apple Store. The woman, surnamed Li, was asked to leave the Apple shop premises after attempting to buy more than the allowed quota of two iPhone 5s per person, a move made to stop resellers who export the devices to grey-market vendors in China and some other nations.

But the situation escalated when Li did not leave the store, which her daughter says was down to a language barrier-based misunderstanding about what was being asked. When the woman then filmed other customers in the shop, whom she believed had bought more than two phones, the Nashua, New Hampshire, police were called, and a taser was pulled out as Li resisted arrest. Another shopper filmed the tasering – replete with agonizing screams – in the mall. She was carrying $16,000 in cash. Nashua police will review if excessive force was used.

Here’s the video on WCVB TV:

  • marc

    The market for grey market branded goods is unquenchable in South East Asia. As a wholesaler here in Vietnam, I am asked on a weekly basis to “fly back” to America and do a “favor” for this guy or that guy. The truth is, this market is more about laundering money than any serious profits to be made. Wholesale markets here are not that profitable for Apple goods but yet every week I see a new store popping up in HCMC. To anyone contemplating entering this market, beware, it’s not uncommon that prices drop each day after you purchase your goods and by the time they get back here, you have no resell profit left.

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