6 HTC Phones Go in Sale Today in Myanmar

HTC Burmese

HTC’s input method editor (keyboard) for Burmese.

The busily reforming nation of Myanmar has the lowest rate of mobile penetration in Asia, but HTC (TPE:2498) hopes to be at the forefront of changing that, with local consumers now jumping on the smartphone bandwagon. HTC’s CEO Peter Chou is a Taiwanese national, but he was born and brought up in Myanmar when the country was largely closed. He told the WSJ (paywall) today that “Myanmar is opening up and opportunities are everywhere.”

Six HTC models – all Androids – go on sale in Myanmar today. At the lower end there’s the Desire X, Desire VC, and Desire V, plus the pricier One X+, One X, and Butterfly. The phones come complete with a new Burmese keyboard made by HTC. No prices have been revealed