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Xiaomi stole the show again this week after unveiling some new hardware (and hitting number six in global smartphone shipments), but there was plenty else happening in China.

1. Xiaomi breaks into global top 10 for smartphone shipments, kicks out HTC

Boosted by buyers in China, half of the worldwide top 10 phone brands are now Chinese. Huawei is third, Lenovo fourth, Xiaomi debuts in sixth, Coolpad is eighth, and ZTE is ninth.

2. Xiaomi unveils its first-ever tablet, the Mi Pad, set to retail starting at $240

The Mi Pad features a 7.9 inch 2K resolution screen, a Nvidia Tegra K1 processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 4:3 aspect ratio which will place it alongside Apple’s iPad with Retina display.

3. China has 100 million brain-damaged online gamers: study

The report defines these people as players who have lost self control and developed an irrational dependence on games.

4. WeChat grows to 396 million active users

Tencent revealed that WeChat has now grown to 396 million monthly active users – up from 355 million at the end of 2013 and nearly double the 195 million it had this time last year.

5. Facebook’s business grows in China despite block, now preps to open an office in Beijing

Chinese authorities blocked access to Facebook in July 2009, and the world’s biggest social network has remained behind the Great Firewall ever since. But while Facebook remains out of reach in the social sphere, it has still managed to infiltrate China’s businesses and web infrastructure.

6. Tencent pulls in $2.95 billion in revenue in Q1 as WeChat gaming takes off

Chinese web giant Tencent had a blockbuster first quarter, according to its newly-released financial report.

7. Not as big as Alibaba, but upcoming IPO for rival JD could value it at $24.6 billion

JD’s latest update reveals that the ecommerce company is pricing its shares in the US$16 to $18 range, which values the site at up to $24.6 billion once it eventually hits the markets.

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