Schlong, nutsack, lickspittle, and other words banned from the Mongolian internet


South Park’s Eric Cartman could learn a thing or two from the Mongolians.

Mongolian news site Shuum earlier this week posted the Mongolian telecommunications regulatory commission’s list of 774 words prohibited from local websites (hat-tip to Lisa Gardner for spotting).

Below is just a taste. Check out the full list here.

mongolia banned word list

The list contains words in Mongolian, Russian, and English. Websites must remove all instances of the words or face suspension.

“Fuck” is the third word on the list, followed by “sex” in fourth. Many of the words in the list just seem to be compounds of other words (fuckass, cumdumpster, shitdick, cuntslut), some are quite mild and look like they might have been added by mistake (muddle, clumsy, bad breath, drunk, bugs), and others are almost certainly made up or at the very least lifted from Urban Dictionary (cockburger, twatlips, thundercunt, douchewaffle).

(See: Here’s how to read a post that’s been censored by Sina Weibo)

Update March 20, 2014 @11:05 – Lisa Gardner reached out to us to clarify there is not a separate list of Chinese words, but that the word “Chinese” is on the list. This “speaks to common anti-China sentiment here,” she says. “Mandarin isn’t spoken [in Mongolia].”

In all seriousness … well … it’s very difficult to take this seriously. Tech in Asia does not support censorship, but this list will keep you entertained for the better half of an afternoon.


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