MomentCam adds GIF maker that animates your face, turns you into a WeChat emoticon


MomentCam updates with a GIF maker that animates your face

MomentCam, the China-made photo app that went viral around the world a few months ago, has come out with a major update. MomentCam users can now make GIFs using their own face, with a choice of 144 animated GIF scenarios for you to choose from.

The GIF maker can be found in the new ‘Emoticons’ section of the app. Once you’ve taken a snap of your face, you can adjust the cartoony representation of your hair and the shape of your face before immortalizing yourself in a MomentCam GIF. That can then be shared to numerous social networks, such as Facebook, Tumblr, and Sina Weibo.

But undoubtedly the GIF feature is best suited to WeChat, and thankfully the MomentCam team knows this and lets you send the GIFs to your friends within WeChat. In the messaging app, your face is now an emoticon. You can save these within WeChat so you don’t even need to open MomentCam every time you want to use the GIF of yourself in a chat.

MomentCam adds GIF maker

There are not many good apps out there that can turn you into a messaging app emoticon, so the MomentCam update is useful as well as fun. MomentCam is a bit like Flappy Bird in being an indie app out of Asia that became massive with zero marketing thanks to an alchemical mix of luck and creativity.

MomentCam is free for iOS and Android.

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