Mobile Games Developer War 4: The Winners


mobile games developer war 4

Indonesian developer Agate Studio, Nokia Indonesia, and Universitas Indonesia’s computer faculty have wrapped up their game development competition for the Symbian S40 platform called Mobile Games Developer War 4 (MGDW 4). It ran from June to December, and so we can finally check out the winners.

There were two categories for the competition – one for rookie developers, and another in the form of an open competition for Symbian S40 ‘full touch’ games. Here is the list of winners from the two categories [1]:

S40 Full Touch category

Rookie category

Nokia Indonesia representative Narenda Wicaksono said that the competition’s focus was not only to seek winners, but to also let novice game developers experience and learn to develop a mobile game product. The competition’s focus seemed to prioritize rookie game developers as the monetary prizes awarded to the rookie category winners were bigger than the ones awarded to the open category winners. The former category winners received IDR 5 million ($518) whereas the latter category winners received IDR 3 million ($311). For the game of the year awards, the rookie category winner received IDR 30 million ($3,109) with the open category winner receiving IDR 20 million ($2,073).

This was the fourth MGDW held by Nokia Indonesia and the second one that Nokia ran together with Agate Studio. Nokia Indonesia previously worked with Indonesian technology news site Chip and Universitas Gajah Mada students to hold the other two MGDWs over the last two years of the event’s history.

  1. Note that participants can enter both categories at the same time.  ↩

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