Misaya confirms: China's Team WE will have personnel changes


Team WE, one of China’s top competitive League of Legends teams, is still shrouded in controversy following last week’s news that Aaron, the team’s analyst, was departing and reportedly taking team members FZZF and Mann with him. Team WE confirmed on its official weibo account that it has been having issues, but a week later, the rumors are still flying. And now Team WE captain Misaya has confirmed that there will indeed be player departures.

In an interview with QQ Games, Misaya said:

The team members have all worked very hard and given quite a lot for our results and victories. Especially Caomei and Mann, among the team they will always work hard on their individual training. But I have to tell everyone that there will be some roster changes this time, I think this is really a decision that can’t be helped.

So, there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. We still don’t know what the changes to team WE will be, but we now know for certain that whatever happens, things definitely aren’t going to be staying the same. What that means for Team WE — and for China’s other League of Legends teams — remains to be seen.

Misaya also confirmed that the team has not been training together, and that they will wait until the situation has been resolved before reconvening as a group to train.

(via QQ Games)


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