First results in for mini-blog Mig33: 180,000 daily active users, 4M messages sent daily


mig33 cover

Back in August, Mig33 said that it’s evolving to become a mini-blogging platform. While there are tens of millions of feature phone users on Mig33, the focus now seems to be on its mini-blog which is available on Android, WAP, and web.

Co-founder and CEO at Mig33, Steven Goh, claims that Mig33’s mini-blog is doing great, seeing over 180,000 daily active users who sent over four million messages each day. Steven also believes that engagement between artists and fans on Mig33 is also significantly higher than the mainstream social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

For example, Indonesian girl duet group 2Angels is seeing great results on Mig33. Just under a month, 2Angels got over 80,000 followers on Mig33 and is engaging with fans using exclusive badges, gifts, competitions, and games.

Steven said that there are hundreds of artists who are engaging with fans on Mig33.

“The big thing here is that the artist can play games with their audience and exchange gifts and they get a revenue share. Whereas on Facebook and Twitter, they build an audience so that Facebook and Twitter may get ad revenue off them,” he said.

Most of Mig33’s mini-blog users originate from Indonesia, Nepal and India and is registering around 15,000 new users per day.

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