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Microsoft Partners with Japan’s NTT Docomo on LTE Windows 8 Tablets

Rick Martin
Rick Martin
4:30 pm on Nov 1, 2012


Docomo at CEATEC 2012

As we mentioned yesterday, Microsoft’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Windows 8 got off to a bit of a rocky start in Japan recently. A few unfortunate consumers didn’t quite understand that installing the new operating system on their PCs would not magically give their displays touchscreen functionality.

But thankfully, the new operating system will be available on a number of tablets in Japan (ones that do have touchscreens!). And today it was announced that a partnership between Microsoft and NTT Docomo (NYSE:DCM) will make Windows 8 tablets available, targeting corporate users in the country.

The two companies have agreed to cooperate to put Windows 8 tablets on Docomo’s Xi LTE network. The agreement will also include joint marketing and sales efforts targeting corporations.

Speaking of marketing, Microsoft has included an interesting twist to Windows 8 in Japan, with a limited edition version featuring cute anime mascots that has been selling well so far. Been dreaming of a leopard print version of Windows? Microsoft has you covered (see below). This actually isn’t a new tactic for Microsoft, as they rolled out an anime mascot for Windows 7 a few years back as well.


Photo: rocketnews24.com

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