MarineKing gives up League of Legends, returns to playing Starcraft 2


It was a little bit of a shock when, back in October of last year, one of South Korea’s most accomplished Starcraft pros announced that he was switching to League of Legends. But MarineKing, who won two consecutive MLG championships playing Starcraft back in 2012, apparently hasn’t taken well to League, as after just a few months of play with Prime’s League of Legends team he has announced he’s going back to Starcraft 2.

Prime, of course, is happy to have the dominant Terran player back on its Starcraft 2 team, but it’s not entirely clear exactly why MarineKing left League after such a short period of time. A Netease games report speculates that he had trouble adapting to the new game, but it is also true that MarineKing said he wouldn’t rule out a return to Starcraft someday back when he first made the switch to LoL.

Of course, whether he can regain his previous form in Starcraft is another matter entirely. After his MLG wins in 2012, his performance slipped a bit, and now that he’s been away from the game for a few months, he may face a rather uphill battle if he hopes to return to his championship-winning ways.

(via Netease Games)

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