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New gadget from MapMyIndia puts your in-car navigation on the rear-view mirror

Steven Millward
Steven Millward
9:00 pm on Mar 3, 2014

MapmyIndia’s Smart Mirror

This is how we think it’ll look.

Here’s a fun gadget with which to start the week. MapMyIndia, maker of GPS gadgets and mobile apps that are strong rivals to Google Maps, has put its in-car navigation in an unusual place to come up with the brand-new Smart Mirror.

Costing INR 15,590 (US$253), it’s not really a ‘smart’ mirror in some sci-fi sense of the phrase – it’s just a fairly conventional in-car navigation gizmo with a 5-inch screen combined with an adjoining car mirror. The whole unit is designed to fit over your car’s standard rear-view mirror. MapmyIndia says this is part of an “assisted driving experience” that cuts down on distractions.

New gadget from MapMyIndia puts your in-car navigation on the rear-view mirror

With a bit of fiddling, the screen section of MapmyIndia’s Smart Mirror doubles up as a camera screen for when you’re reversing. But you’ll need to plug in a separate reversing camera for that. In addition, the device has 2GB of storage (and an SD card slot for an extra 4GB) so you can load up songs and movies. But surely playing movies on the screen is the very opposite of ‘distraction-free driving’.

MapmyIndia says that all of its apps and products now cover 10.54 million points of interest, two million kilometers of roads across India, 6,028 cities at street level, and 600,000 villages.

Wherever you stick your GPS, best to keep your eyes on the road.

(Editing by Josh Horwitz)

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