Japan’s Manga Camera Doing Well Overseas, Passes 3 Million Downloads

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manga camera

Our readers may remember that we featured Manga Camera a few weeks back, a photo application from Japan which had started very hot in the Japanese app store after its release in early September. The application lets you apply manga-style frames and filters to your photos, making them look like scenes from a Japanese manga.

VS Media is pointing out today that Manga Camera topped the 3 million download mark just a few days ago, thanks to rising popularity in the US, the UK, and even in Greater China. Here’s a quick overview of the top ten countries by downloads as of October 19. As you can see, Japan is still by far its most popular market, but there’s certainly lots of love developing in other countries, especially around Asia.

Country Downloads
1 Japan 2,242,488
2 US 153,285
3 UK 106,782
4 Taiwan 99,726
5 China 93,136
6 Thailand 62, 837
7 Hong Kong 50,662
8 South Korea 34,632
9 France 29,037
10 Spain 23,865

While the app’s momentum appears to be leveling off, VS Media notes that a major upgrade is coming in November, and that could bring a resurgence in popularity if all goes well for the folks at Super Software, the app’s developer.

For those of you who have experimented with Manga Camera already, let us know your thoughts in the comments. For those of you who haven’t, you can check it out in the App Store.

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