Couples Messaging App LoveByte Launches for Android, Avoids Clash with Between



LoveByte, a popular mobile messaging app for love couples, is finally available on Android. This news came shortly after its Korea-based competitor Between announced its financing round last week. Co-founder Steve Sng elaborates:

Competition with Between is inevitable now but we will try to avoid competing with them head-on. So that means no Korea and Japan for the moment. But we will compete with them in other countries where they are not deeply established yet. Also, innovation will continue to play a huge part in our competitive strategy. Once we have a better product and a bigger team, we will compete with them on their home turf.

This probably means that Southeast Asia, for example, is likely a target market. But I understand that Lovebyte still has hopes to tackle the Korean and Japanese market some day.

The team is made of four co-founders and one Android developer and is looking to add more staff soon. LoveByte isn’t looking to raise any more money until it has hit its internal KPIs.

Steve admits that Between has an amazing marketing and engineering achievements. “It’s not easy to scale to 900,000 monthly active users without bogging down the system,” he said. But compared with Pair and Avocado from the U.S, Steve believes that they are still more innovative and specialized for couples.

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