LINE and Telkomsel Add Special Stickers for Indonesian Users

Joshua Kevin
1:38 pm on Jul 13, 2012

Line, Naver Japan’s popular mobile messenger app, has worked together with Telkomsel to make a special, localized sticker pack. While Line has been popular all over Asia ever since it launched over a year ago, this making local partnerships like this one should mean increased attention in Indonesia among smartphone users.

The free sticker pack is labeled as “Telkomsel Blob & MyAppsMall,” and contains cute emojis/emoticons you can use while chatting with your friends or family, just as with other sticker packs. But in this pack, Blob, the Telkomsel character, is being used as the main selling point.

Line has passed 45 million users and has generated $4.38 million in sales from the sticker shop alone in two months.

NHN Japan is not alone though, with Tencent planning to push its WeChat and Qute apps in Indonesia. Plus there’s KakaoTalk (which also has Tencent backing ) and which is also expanding here, trying to cut the market share of the incumbent BBM. Ready to type more messages, Indonesia?

Line Indonesia

Line Indonesia

Line Indonesia

Line Indonesia

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  • Celia

    Excuse me if I disturb, but there is any way to get those special tickers in Spain? I’ve been trying to find a way but got lost…
    Escuse my poor English!
    Thank you!

  • Willis Wee

    Hi! Unfortunately, we know nothing about spanish stickers on LINE so far.

  • Celia

    Maybe someone could send them to me as gift? Free ones, of course!
    Mi ID is mengue. Thank you!

  • Anonymous


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