Concept Lifebook Laptop Unifies All Your Gadgets

Rick Martin
3:30 pm on Jan 19, 2012


When Asus announced its Padphone last year, it turned more than a few heads with its phone-inside-a-tablet design. Say what you will about the appearance, but the idea of shared hardware is a clever notion. India-based industrial designer Prashant Chandra appears to have one-upped Asus designers with his concept Lifebook laptop, which has three sub-devices – a camera, a phone, and a tablet – all built in.

What’s clever here is the placement of those gadgets. The tablet, which would have a virtual keyboard, would take the position of where a normal keyboard would be, snapping in via a 16-pin connector, and defaulting to keyboard mode. The second sub-device, the phone/music player sits in a slot off to the left. Around the back, embedded in the lid of the Lifebook would be the laptop’s camera, which could be removed and used independently.



It’s important to note that this is just a concept design, and to my knowledge it has no official affiliation with Fujitsu [1]. But this hybrid approach means that everything is charges and syncs in one place, with no need for wires or stand-alone docs. Admittedly, you would be left with a gaping hole in your laptop if you lost either of those three components!

Nevertheless it’s a very cool idea, and even if we don’t see it implemented in this way exactly, it would be cool to see manufacturers build upon this idea.

Via Yanko Design

  1. Someone please correct me if I’m mistaken.  ↩

  • Chrysto

    It’s a pretty neat concept. Like the idea, but not sure the need for camera (seeing that it would only make sense to have a stand-alone camera if it’s a DSLR – latest phones have very good cameras upwards of 8Mp). Also, when you take out the virtual keyboard (tablet), what can you do with the casing? Isn’t something like the Transformer prime enough for most? I like the idea of a modular device, just not sure of the device choices here…

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