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Lessons learned from CyberAgent’s trials in Asia (#StartupAsia preview)

Josh Horwitz
Josh Horwitz
3:35 pm on Aug 6, 2014

Hayashiguchi_03Since its establishment in 2006,  CyberAgent Ventures has built a name for itself as one Asia’s leading venture capital firms. Despite maintaining headquarters in Tokyo, the CyberAgent team consists of staff from all over the world, and it provides early-stage funding for startups all over Asia. Recently, the company doubled down on its commitment to growing the startup ecosystem in the Eastern Hemisphere, launching a US$50 million fund just after its previous US$24 million fund reached its conclusion.

Tetsuya “Terry” Hayashiguchi, senior vice president at CyberAgent Ventures, has been with the CyberAgent team since 2011. With a portfolio that includes tutoring startup Mana.bo, dating starup Match Alarm, and the Yelp-esque Retty, Hayagushi has accumulated deep expertise in all things related to investments in Asia. Wanna hear him share his secrets? You’re in luck. Hayagushi will be giving a keynote speech at Tech in Asia’s upcoming Startup Asia Tokyo 2014 on September 3-4.

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