League of Legends has 27 million daily players and counting


Sweet mother of Zeus, Riot’s insanely popular MOBA League of Legends now has 27 milion daily players! That’s right, not total players, but daily players according to the Wall Street Journal.

To put this in perspective that’s 5 times more people than there are in Scotland, a quarter of the Philippines populations, and 2.5 times the number of people living in Beijing!

League of Legends shows no sign of slowing down either, its user base is growing steadily, up 50% from last year and Riot is dedicated to supporting the game for a long, long time, stating that they believe the games lifespan is measured in decades not years.

With a massive and growing fanbase, the US recognizing it as a sport, and Riot’s complete support, League of Legends looks like it is only going to get bigger.

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