Lazada and Indosat Offer Free iPhone 5 [CONTEST]

Enricko Lukman
5:03 pm on Dec 12, 2012

Rocket Internet’s e-commerce site Lazada Indonesia, together with Indonesian operator Indosat will hold a ten-person trivia contest tomorrow at midnight in Jakarta. And it will award the lucky winner with a brand new iPhone 5. TechinAsia is happy to help them choose two participants for the trivia contest, so read on for more details about the contest:

  • When: Thursday, December 13th, 2012, from 11pm to Friday, December 14th, 1am.
  • Place: Jakarta, venue will be disclosed to chosen participants
  • Criteria: Must be a Jakarta resident

To be chosen by TechinAsia, you will only need to make a comment on this post to let us know that you want in on the iPhone 5 quiz contest, and also include your Twitter handle in the comment [1]. Then tweet this post with the hashtag #iPhone5TIA. At 9pm Jakarta time tonight, we’ll read the comments, pick an interesting one, and then we’ll contact you via Twitter tonight. Be sure to follow @techinasia so we can drop you a line via DM with details.

Good luck!

UPDATED at 9:30pm Jakarta time: Congratulations to @pemirsa, @handokotjung, @mikaelHS and @glrhn, who all go into tomorrow’s quiz. Yes, Lazada and Indosat later said we can pick four, not just two. Now you’ve passed the lucky part, but tomorrow night you still have the quiz to tackle. Good luck to our picks in the ten-person quiz! The contest can be followed on Twitter with the #superexperience hashtag.

  1. For example, a good comment might be something like: I’m @peterschmeeter2012 and I want some gorgeous retina screen in my life. pick me!  ↩

(And yes, we're serious about ethics and transparency. More information here.)

  • Rahan Galileo

    I’m @glrhn, and I want that iPhone 5 because I want to give it to my wife for her birthday, even though her birthday is a few weeks ahead. That retina screen on iPhone 5 interests me. And, I have a son, a very cute and handsome son (you can check my recent images on twitter) to test how good that retina screen is.

  • Lendra Bayu

    Hey I’m @pemirsa and my ex girlfriend was a dentist. So i need this apple product to keeps her away.

    Get it? No? I just made a joke about “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” hehehe.

    But, not good huh?

    How bout this:

    My boss bought this iPhone 5 in Sydney but don’t understand half of the features and has been using it as a feature phone: making calls, textings, and listen to Rihanna’s songs. Do you understand my feeling?
    So please please please give me this gorgeous phone to prevent a murder act in my office

  • Robert alexander

    Hi i’m @robert_at and i want the apple iphone5 so i can throw away my android htc evo 4g lte :))

  • Lex dePraxis

    I’m @lexdepraxis, and iPhone 5 definitely wants me because such hitech out-of-this-world badassery gadget can only be handled and appreciated properly by a real mind-fuck genious bad ass such as myself.. it’s that simple, really.

    God bless you.

  • Joshua Kevin

    Hi I’m @jshkvn and I want iPhone 5 so I can read Tech in Asia everyday and anywhere through the best screen ever.

    (I know I won’t win it because I used to work for you guys :p)

  • Rully Stevan

    This is @ruu_stevan calling for emergency. HELP! My mom is killing me, she said “get married by the end of this year, or I’ll pick one for you..” Oh, did I mention my mom had a lousy taste? Give me the iPhone, I’ll introduce this sexy beast as my wife! I mean seriously..

    Ssshhh.. don’t tell my mom!

  • Handoko Tjung

    Hi I’m @handokotjung , and I want that iPhone 5 as an early christmas present, I’ve never got one from santa in the past 26 year. I think I’ve always been in the naughty list.

    I’ll get my own christmas present!


    That being said, that retina display is pretty slick. Gimme gimme gimme.

  • Nadia

    I need an iPhone 5 to fulfil my New Year resolution: to be the total hipster-est hipster of all hipsters. and what’s a hipster without iPhone 5.


  • Farry Aprianto

    I’m @farry & always in pursuit of happiness. I will find happiness if I win, because iPhone 5 represents happiness as a product. #iPhone5TIA

  • Mikael

    I’m @MikaelHS and I want iPhone 5 because I’m a complete douchebag to my girlfriend. She just got a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from one of the biggest Lazada’s online shop competitor and has been so smug about it in my face.

    Just in the spirit of douchery, I’m set to prove that she’s wrong.

    I offer to forge an alliance between us. I, iPhone 5 and Lazada, together we would out-smug her and her measly, fragile, plastic Android easily. In fact, we would out-smug any other combination.

    This is an offer you cannot refuse.

  • Andi Annas

    I’m @AndiAnnaz and I’ve been a hardcore fan of Android all these time. I need an iPhone5 to prove myself that Apple did make a revolutionary innovation product since iPod! Prove me wrong, please!

  • Katarina Novi Candra

    I’m @katavican @mikaelhs’s girlfriend..Few months ago, i bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from Lazada and it feels damn good to have this kind of smartphone. Dear Lazada.. please give me one more phone, this iPhone. Or at least give it to my boyfriend @mikaelhs because he deserve it. =D

  • Erwin Tanudjojo

    Hello I’m @2erwintan and I really want the no 1 Time’s Best Gadget 2012! It’s retina display make me wanting more and moree.. and it gonna help my work since I’m an art director that need best display in my life :)

  • Lex dePraxis

    I’m @lexdepraxis, the procreator of @mikaelhs and @katavican’s relationship. Yes, I agree to every single thing they said. In a perfect world where all people get what they want, I do solemnly and wholeheartedly believe they should get the iPhone 5..

    Sadly, this world is not perfect.

    God bless you.

  • Chandra

    Hi I’m @_chanoir_ , and I want that iPhone 5 to conquer the world in the new year 2013.
    i need a great handle of smart device that help me a lot, which is I-Phone 5.

    so please pick me to get the i phone 5, to make a beautiful world with me :)

  • Brenda Jacquelyn

    Hi .. im @jacquelynbrenda and i REALLY want that iPhone 5 ..
    why ? because im not gonna be able to buy a new gadget :(
    and because it might be my FIRST APPLE gadget, if you would give it to me :”)

  • Fauzan Alfi

    Hi! I’m @fauzanalfi and pick me as the winner of this contest if you want to see me proposing a girl that I really love with iPhone 5 as my girlfriend.

  • Tassia Ninski

    Hello! I’m @tassianinski. Actually, I need a sexy gadget. And iPhone 5 has a sexy body, thinnest & also sleek. And the result said that it is the faster iPhone ever, because of the faster chip. It’s just Perfect! I want iPhone 5 more than anything right now! I’m very capable of loving you, iPhone 5. \o/

  • tiyangsae

    There only one guy in my office who use iPhone 5. Well, I just don’t want him to feel lonely.
    — @tiyangsae

  • Rizky Oktora

    Hello i’m Rizky Oktora (@oktorarizky). Thinner & lighter are my personal goals. Kidnap me :)) #iPhone5TIA

  • Steven Millward

    ===TIME’S UP!===

    OK, guys. Steven (editor) here. Thanks for all the comments. The time is now up, so we’ll pick one commenter to go through to the Lazada-Indosat contest tomorrow night, then announce it later.

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