Gangnam Style Gone Wrong? An American in Beijing Kicks it Laowai Style



Last Friday we brought you an assortment of alternative interpretations of PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style.’ Well, here’s another one that’s could have easily made that list. It’s from a very creative American living in Beijing, and its called ‘Laowai Style.’

This may very well be my favorite laowai/foreigner performance since the days of the legendary Hong Laowai. At first I thought it might be John Pasden in some bad sunglasses, but a little Googling tells me that this is Fullbright Scholar Jesse Appell who has recently come to Beijing to undertake a sort of China comedy research project. He’s certainly off to a good start.

I also stumbled across his excellent Who’s on First routine, which I recommend you check out as well.

You can watch the ‘Laowai Style’ video below and let us know what you think. For readers in China, there’s a Youku version of the video here.

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