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Net Trends Report Shows Web Becoming More International, With Growing Asia Presence

Rick Martin
Rick Martin
3:30 pm on Oct 19, 2011


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There’s an interesting new report out from report from KPCB on internet trends. Among other things, the report ranks 25 top global companies according to 2011 market value. While more than half of the top companies in that group are from the US, Asia is well represented.

From China we have Baidu at the top with a $46 billion market value. It’s followed by Tencent, Netease, Alibaba, Ctrip, and Sina in that order. For Japan, we have Yahoo Japan and Rakuten representing, while NHN (which operates Naver) in the lone Korean company to break the top 25.

Citing comScore, KCPB’s Mary Meeker says that 81 percent of users of top websites are outside of the US. It also points out that in three years (2007 to 2010), China has added more internet users than the USA has in total (246 million vs 244 million). Of course, as we recently reported, the total amount of internet users for China now stands at over 500 million.

Here’s a chart showing the top 25 companies ranked according to market value, according to the report. Click on each one to view 2011 market value in billions and 2010 revenue in millions (in parens). If you have trouble viewing, here it is as a static image.

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