Korea’s Quasi-Porn Game ‘Queen’s Blade Online’ is Coming to Thailand

C. Custer
C. Custer
10:00 am on Apr 25, 2013


According to Tencent Games, Korean Game publisher Liveplex has inked a deal with Thailand’s SBT to bring its risque MMORPG Queen’s Blade Online to the country for the first time. Queen’s Blade Online, also sometimes called Scarlet Blade, has previously expanded into Japan, Taiwan, and China.

Like most MMORPGs, Queen’s Blade Online is apparently mostly a monster-killing grind, but unlike most MMORPGs its characters are mostly women (and disturbingly, one young girl) wearing some of the skimpiest outfits imaginable (yes, I know a lot of games have women in absurd outfits, but Queen’s Blade takes it to another level). I haven’t actually played it, but based on the videos I have seen, the dev team seems to have spent a lot of time on its, ahem, bouncing physics.

Whether you find this kind of game titillating or creepy, it’s hard to deny that it sells, and very soon, it will likely be selling in Thailand. But I challenge even the most dedicated giant-digital-boobs enthusiast to watch the last minute of this video (NSFW, obviously), which features some of the game’s leading ladies dancing spastically to club music, and not cringe.

(via QQ Games)

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  • peppermint butler

    aye, here we be deep in the uncanny valley….