This Korean startup made a music app so the founder could meet cute girls at concerts


mironi-startups-south-korea Some startups have bizarre beginnings. Lamborghini, one of the most prestigious luxury sports car brands in the world today, started out when the founder of Ferrari told Ferruccio Lamborghini that he was just a common tractor seller and knew nothing about cars. In the case of Mironi and MyMusicTaste – apps from JJS Media – founder Ethan Lee also had a bizarre start. According to Andrew Park, regional director for South Korea-based JJS Media:

Ethan, the CEO and co-founder of the company, actually wanted to get to know cute girls who came to the concerts that he went to, which led him to create Mironi. He focused on the fact that music really has no boundaries such as language.

It’s these kinds of origins that make for compelling and interesting new startup ideas. It solves a real need. All single men want to get the digits of the pretty girl at the concert. It’s from these origins that we get MyMusicTaste and Mironi.

Mironi, the app to meet girls at concerts

Mironi came first. It resembles Spotify in that it is a social platform for music. But it doesn’t have a radio component. Instead, it only has access to users’ music library and allows them to share it with friends. It also has an equalizer for better listening and a lyrics finder, just in case you want to sing along. Thus far, the app has over 100,000 users across Japan and South Korea. Despite such interesting origins, it’s not a compelling app. MyMusicTaste, on the other hand, is far more fascinating. mymusictaste-startups-south-korea

MyMusicTaste, a crowdfunding platform for concerts

Although Mironi was created to get girls, MyMusicTaste might be better at doing it. Andrew says the origins are different, though:

MyMusicTaste came on more naturally from all the three founders as they wanted to create a platform that would allow them to see the artists they wanted to see without traveling 3,000 miles away.

mymusictaste-screenshot-1 mymusictaste-screenshot-2

If you are a user in Singapore, for example, you could find your favorite artist on MyMusicTaste. Then, you could request that the artist come to Singapore and deposit how much you are willing to pay for the artist to come. If you can rustle up enough other users to book the artist, MyMusicTaste’s platform will contact the artist’s booking agents and find a way to get them to come. If the artist cannot come, then you will be reimbursed for the money you deposited. This is just like Kickstarter, which reimburses users if the project did not reach its goal. As you can see in my screenshots, I want Balmorhea to come to Ho Chi Minh city. This is a paradigm shift for the music events industry. Andrew elaborates:

Concerts that are happening nowadays mostly rely on the promoter’s hunch or speculations when it comes to artists or venue selection. As a result, the concert promotion business remains very risky and the fans do not really get to see the ones that they truly want to see, limiting the potential for the industry to grow in size and quality.

Thus, MyMusicTaste turns fans into promoters and helps booking agents approximate the interest of the market. If this goes big, it could be a revolution in the way music events are run. (Editing by Paul Bischoff)

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