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Komli Media Partners with Yoose to Serve Geo-targeted Ads

Enricko Lukman
Enricko Lukman
2:15 pm on Dec 5, 2012

Komli Media has announced its second deal in the last five days, this time a sales partnership with Singapore-based hyperlocal mobile ad network Yoose. The deal will see Komli Media’s mobile division use Yoose’s geo-tagging advertising capability for the India and Southeast Asia market. Amit Bhartiya, the VP of Komli Media comments:

As leaders within the digital media advertising space across India and Southeast Asia, our objective is to add a hyperlocal offering into our mix that ensures setting best-practice standards for mobile geo-targeting and engagement, both for our clients and their consumers. We consider the Yoose partnership to be fundamentally important in achieving this and are confident of the significant value this will bring to advertisers across India and Southeast Asia.

Yoose makes use of the geotagged locations shared on mobile phones, allowing ads shown on mobile phones to be more relevant to the users’ location, such as advertising for a fruit vendor 500 meters away. Yoose’s mobile ad feature will also help strengthen Komli’s recent ad sales partnership with Twitter, which was announced last week.

For more information about how Yoose works, you can check out the interview video below with CEO Christian Geissendoerfer.

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