Kleii, Vietnam’s Dropbox, Will Soon Reach 1 Million Users (Despite 1 Week of Downtime)


Kleii, the Vietnamese Dropbox I wrote about in January just had one week of downtime where users were unable to access their files. It left some users scratching their heads and some pissed off. Well, it is still technically in beta.

Kleii is Vietnam’s only significant global competitor in consumer cloud services.

According to the company blog, the outage was initiated by Kleii to fix a potentially dangerous security breach in the software that the testing team found. According to Nguyen Tuan Son, CEO of Kleii, there was no hack attempt but he wanted to close up this hole before anything happened. With the product due out of beta in six months’ time, the team is clearly attempting to seal up any potential pitfalls before going fully live.

Today, the Kleii site and service is back online again and offering users who signed up before March 10th a whopping 100GB of free space for a year. Users already get 50GB space on a normal free account which is a big jump over Dropbox’s usual 2GB or potential 10GB of free stoage.

When I last checked in, Kleii had just over 300,000 users. Two months later, there are more than 700,000 users. At this growth rate, the user base is set to hit one million by the end of next month. For perspective, Dropbox, Kleii’s prime global competitor, is sitting at a cozy 100 million.

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