Forget Nixon in China, Here’s Kissinger in Baidu

Kissinger in Baidu, sort of

Kissinger not pictured in Beijing today.

This definitely isn’t Henry Kissinger’s first trip to China. The former US Secretary of State is back in the capital and has just paid a visit to Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU), China’s top search engine company.

Kissinger first came to China in 1971 in secret – and met with Zhou Enlai and Mao Zedong (pictured) – ahead of the ground-breaking 1972 summit with President Nixon between the two nations. It’s immortalized superbly by the John Adams opera Nixon in China.

This time, Kissinger – author of On China – met with the founder and CEO of Baidu, Robin Li (pictured below). During an hour-long discussion, we’re told, Kissinger and Li touched on “how Chinese Internet users consume online books” and even broached the broader subject of Sino-US relations. No word on whether the biggest bone of contention right now between the two nations – NSA whistleblower and very brief Hong Kong resident Edward Snowden – cropped up.

Kissinger was also given a demonstration of some Baidu products, such as Baidu image search and Baidu Maps.

Kissinger in Baidu

Kissinger in Baidu

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