Indonesian-Made Christmas Sing-Along App Now on Sale


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Christmas is only four days away and to help celebrate the holiday season, Indonesian developer Hompimplay has put its premium version of Jolly Jingle iOS app for sale at a 30 percent discount through to December 29th. The team describes Jolly Jingle as an educational and interactive sing-along app to teach children timeless Christmas carols at their own pace.

There are 21 songs available in the app including the ever-popular Christmas carols Jingle Bells, Frosty the Snowman, and Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Each song is performed by children and has highlighted lyrics on-screen. There are also interactive objects inside the app which can be tapped while the children are singing along to it.

The team explained that they were inspired to build a Christmas carols sing-along game after watching the Jim Carrey movie, A Christmas Carol. Then the Hompimplay team connected with other talents that made the app possible – with Aaron Randy as the illustrator, Bruno Valenti as the composer, Ashley Burns as the singer, Johan as the kids’ choir manager, and Scott Singer who is the programmer.

Jolly Jingle is available on three platforms – iOS, Blackberry Playbook, and Android – but only the iOS version is for sale right now. Since its launch back in November, the app has impressively garnered around 80,000 downloads with most of the downloads on the iOS platform. Besides getting a good response on crowd-sourcing site AppBackr before the product release, the app also has had great reviews as well from numerous websites and users.

Jolly Jingle is a premium app that normally costs $2.99, but that’s now down to $1.99 for its iOS version. There’s also a freemium version here. Or get the paid app here in iTunes, the PlayBook AppWorld, or the Amazon App Store.

Hompimplay also has an educational app called ABCDay which we reviewed before.

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