Most China Check-ins: Starbucks Tops on Jiepang for Second Year Running


Here’s a pretty graphic that came our way on this Friday afternoon. It’s not the usual infographic about the Chinese social media or big data. Rather, it is about a relationship between two companies: location-based service (LBS) Jiepang and coffee giant Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) in China.

Jiepang is the popular check-in service for Chinese mobile users (note that Foursquare is banned in China). So after two years of close cooperation with Starbucks, the Chinese LBS startup recorded over 400,000 users who have checked in to Starbucks across the Greater China region. These 400,000 users generated a total of over 800,000 check-ins, 190,000 photos attached, and 3,800 tips written on Jiepang. Starbucks is the most checked-in spot so far for its users as co-founder of Jiepang, David Liu, explains:

Starbucks has always been the most [frequent] check-in spot. You can find traces of Jiepang users’ check-ins in every Starbucks retail store through the tips and photos they have posted.

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Jiepang has had many partnership with various big players in China to bump up its user count and improve user experience. Its most recent partnership comes from Tencent’s chat app, WeChat. It also has collaborations with Nokia, Ikea, and e-commerce site YiHaoDian for joint promotion.


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