GMO Presents the State of the Japanese Gaming Market

Rick Martin
11:00 am on Dec 12, 2012


A timeline of Japan’s social/mobile space (click to enlarge)

Thanks to Alexei Polyakov over at for pointing out this great presentation from the folks at GMO Internet (TYO:9449) [1] about the Japanese gaming market, including a pretty extensive history, as well as forecasts as to where things are headed.

If you’re at all interested in the mobile and social gaming space, I recommend you give this whole presentation a look. When it comes to mobile in particular, trends that happen in Japan are often a bellwether indicator of where the entire industry is going once the global market matures.

The folks at App Annie recently claimed that Japan has become the top country for Google Play revenues, and GMO’s report points out that the nation is the fastest growing country (560 percent) in terms of revenue on Apple’s app store (citing Distimo, June). So it’s certainly a market that you want a piece of if you’re a mobile app or game developer.

You can check out the slideshare presentation in its entirety below. And stay tuned to this blog in December for our own year end round-up of Japan’s mobile gaming space.

  1. Specifically, GMO Cloud.  ↩

  • Pinko

    Good slide Rick. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to Techinaisa “year end round-up of Japan’s mobile gaming space”

  • Dylan Robertson

    Hi, Rick, I’m Dylan Robertson, head of international marketing at GMO Cloud K.K. (note, not GMO Internet, which is our parent company) and am the one responsible for putting this presentation together. Glad you like the presentation. It was our first attempt and we welcome any feedback or corrections. We hope to keep updating this presentation on a regular basis.

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