Japan is Asia-Pacific’s champion in watching online videos


If an award were to be handed out to the most avid online video watchers in Asia-Pacific, the Japanese would receive it. That’s according to comScore‘s video measurement tool Video Metrix, which revealed that Japanese Internet users watch 242.5 videos a month on average, or a staggering 8 videos a day.

Hong Kongers are a miserable second with 180.7 videos a month, while Singaporeans, in third place, can only manage a measly 158.1. The global average is 159.4, or just over 5 videos a day. Why the Japanese consume so many videos is a very big mystery to me, which begs the question of: What exactly are they watching?

Anyway, the study also measured other things as well, such as the total reach of videos on a country’s web population and the top video destinations in each country. Unsurprisingly, majority of Internet users have watched a web video at least once, and they’re most likely to do it on YouTube.

The results confirm one widely-held belief: Internet videos have become a ubiquitous form of content consumption, making it an invaluable tool for startups and marketers who want to reach out to new customers.

In Asia-Pacific alone, there are some 1.23 billion unique video viewers: that’s about the population of China.

And these viewers watch plenty of videos too. Even Filipinos, which rank at the bottom of the study, watch about 2 videos a day.

One of them probably involves cats.

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