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Jack Ma’s Speech at Stanford, Comments on Yahoo [Full Video]

Rick Martin
Rick Martin
10:30 pm on Oct 7, 2011


Alibaba CEO Jack Ma at Stanford

Stanford Business has put the footage of Jack Ma’s recent speech online. The Alibaba CEO raised eyebrows on both sides of the ocean when he says – very deliberately – that he was “very interested in Yahoo” during the talk.

But the entire talk is worth a watch if you have an hour to spare. He talks with a lot of passion about the success of Alibaba, but also alludes their many mistakes and difficulties, including Taobao’s intellectual property challenges.

If you don’t have time to check the whole talk, you can skip to his Yahoo comments here and here. He also made an fun quip about Chinese censorship that I found amusing as well. You might also check our previous comments from last week about Jack’s interest in Yahoo.

On a related note, there are reports today that Yahoo could soon sell its 35 percent stake in Yahoo Japan (Softbank owns about 40 percent). According to a Financial Times report, the company is “moving closer to shedding its stake … as it waits for US tax authorities to give guidance on a structure through which the embattled internet company could cash in on its holding.” The article adds that the sale of the Yahoo Japan stake could help with the sale of Yahoo as a whole.

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