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iPhone 5 Has Yet to Launch in China, But Already Looks to Have a Foothold

Rick Martin
Rick Martin
9:00 pm on Nov 14, 2012


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Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 5 has yet to officially launch in China, but that hasn’t kept it from grabbing what could be as much as 0.1 percent of the smartphone market as of September, says China-based mobile metrics company Umeng [1]. The iPhone 5 is expected to launch in the country before year’s end.

That figure is likely much higher by now, and the company points out that most of these early adopters live in the richer regions of Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Beijing. This interesting phenomenon also occurred with the iPhone 4S prior to its launch, says Umeng.

Overall, Apple still reigns supreme in smartphone market share according to Umeng’s metrics, with about a 33 percent share in the third quarter, although that’s down from 38 percent in the second quarter.

Umeng’s report is an interesting read, not just for Apple watchers, but for Android as well, as it gives an interesting breakdown of the most popular brands in the country, where hometown favorite Lenovo makes a surprise appearance, just behind leader Samsung and second place HTC.

You can check out the report in its entirely below, or over on Slideshare.

  1. Umeng has gathered data from tens of thousands of smartphones across the nation, via its app cross-promotion platform — so this is observed activity, and not sales. It’s also not a huge sample size, but one that is big enough to be significant, we think.  ↩

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  • Duke

    nice deck. thanks for sharing. more of such in indepth info will be good for industry players.

  • Data

    Hi Duke. Take it with a pinch of salt. it’s data from umeng, might not be representative of the market.