#TIAChat with 500Startups’ Dave McClure: 10 insights for startup founders


tiachat dave mcclure

Tech in Asia was fortunate to have Dave McClure, founding partner at 500Startups, to join us for our first ever #TIAChat and take questions with regards to all things startups from the audience. As always, McClure was sharp and to the point, which meant lots of insights for founders to take away.

Many great questions and answers were fielded, but we’ve done the heavy lifting and picked out the top 10 points that will certainly whet your startup appetite.

How do you validate your idea, product, or service?

How does one measure success in the first year of a startup?

And point zero as an afterthought:

How do you build a great team?

For mobile apps, what is the one user retention metric or ratio startups should track, and show investors?

Most interesting startups in Asia so far?

For a consumer-based marketplace, should founders be focused on revenue or users?

Given that business owners are a busy bunch, how to gain traction as a B2B startup?

Overview of Southeast Asian tech scene at the moment?

When is a country ‘ready’ for investments?

‘Hottest’ domain for startups in India?

We hope that you enjoyed the chat! What are some topics that you would like to see discussed in the next #TIAChat?

Editing by Josh Horwitz
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