InSec calls Chinese player stupid cunt, Chinese League of Legends media blows up


InSec has once again become the focus in Chinese League of Legends media, but this time the “#1 Lee Sin in Korea” is not being praised for his spectacular plays. Instead, he’s the target of criticism for cursing at Chinese players in-game.

insec sb

For those who don’t know, “sb” the go-to curse word amongst the Chinese. It’s short for “sha bi” which basically means “stupid cunt”. The picture above is from the post-chat screen where after losing a ranked match, InSec chose to openly curse out his opponent(s)/teammate(s)/all Chinese in general.

After further investigation however, there’s a bit more to the story. Apparently, one of his opponents first said “sb Korean” in-game, to which of course the logical response is “sb Chinese”. So case solved and yes, context always matters.

But it’s not the first time InSec chose to publicly display bit of unprofessionalism, as pointed out by websites like 163 and yxdown:

insec sb 1

Now they’re asking readers if such behavior is befitting for a professional player. Since being posted yesterday, there are already over 900 comments on the thread, with Chinese opinion largely being split, with people holding that either:

1) As a professional player, InSec has no control. Playing on a Chinese team, on the Chinese servers, and still cursing out Chinese players? He’s simply asking for it.

2) Professional players are people too. They also get angry. Maybe it’s because his teammates from that match really sucked? Can you guarantee that Chinese players don’t do the same when they go to the Korean or US servers?

Here are a few of the top comments:

Those who play LOL are all like this.

If you play on the US servers, you’ll know that Koreans all like to trash talk.

Isn’t this normal? It’s not like we don’t trash talk the Koreans.

So this is what the Koreans are bringing to China.

A disgrace to Chinese eSports.

InSec is too impulsive. He should be cursing at the player, not the Chinese in general.

In any case, one thing is for sure: InSec has shown some amazing plays in the past two weeks with Star Horn Royal Club. Barring a few miscommunication issues, he’s definitely become an essential part of the team and it’s highly unlikely that the club’s management (or Tencent) will choose to take any action. Although if Chinese media continue to make a big fuss of it, we’ll have to see!

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(via 163)

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