A Virus You Want to Catch: Infectonator Game Brings Zombies to Android and iOS


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After a rapid jounrney from being a Flash game to PCs to mobile gaming, Infectonator is now out on Android and iOS. Indonesian startup developer Toge Production launched the smartphone versions on September 24th, 2012 with a price tag of $0.99 on both Google Play and the iTunes App Store. Infectonator still brings the same recipe to the mobile game: infecting people, turning them into zombies, and dominating the world.

Before its official release, a fake version dubbed “Infectonator 2” was released on Google Play. But that was illegally ported as an Android app from Toge’s Flash-based game by an account under the name Hasan Akyurek. This award-winning game developer based in Indonesia was furious about this hijacking of its popular game. But now the rogue title has been taken down.

The new Infectonator game has language support for English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and lots of world languages – and of course Indonesian too. There are also more than 10 unique zombies to play with.

The Infectonator storyline places the player as the person who spreads the virus which turns humans into zombies. You need to decide which city is the target to launch the virus. This will affect the rest of the game. The challenge is to keep the endurance of your brain-dead workforce. In a limited time before the zombies run out of energy, you will have to kill all of the population. And yes, there will be blood. Also there will be coins falling from the pockets of citizens, which you’ll need to collect. Your objective is to destroy all humanity and dominate the world.

The pleasure of playing with a touchscreen phone replaces the way you control the game when it was a Flash game. No longer is there a need to fiddle with the mouse, and now you can just swipe to collect the coins from the victims.

As for monetization in the mobile version, it has in-app purchases for coins to increase the ability of your zombie troops. There is even a package deal to open a whole zombie army. If you don’t want to spend more, you have to be more patient to collect all the coins in the game for getting upgrades.

Are you ready to rule the world with zombies? Get Infectonator in Android’s Google Play or Apple App Store. See the video demo here:

[Source: Kompas.com – article in Indonesian]

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