Indosat Introduces Super WiFi for Indonesia


indosat super wifi


Indosat recently introduced a new service called Super WiFi. With this service, any of its mobile customers can connect to Indosat owned hotspots without having to manually login to those hotspots. This mechanism is enabled by Indosat’s new sim card technology, EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol).

Currently, Indosat provides no fewer than 700 hotspots in various public spaces in Java and Bali. And the company promises to provide even more hotspots in the future. Detik cites the chief commercial officer of Indosat, Erik Meijer, who explains:

We will continue to develop and enhance the Indosat Super WiFi service. So in a short time, we will expand to big cities elsewhere in Indonesia by adding 30,000 more hotspots. We realized that speedy WiFi services is key in this business.

The new Super-WiFi service will target customers who need a faster, more comfortable internet experience.

For the time being, the service is available for free for all Indosat customers. Although Indosat stated that the free offer is for promotional only, it does not specify when that promotion will be over. With access speed of up to 2 Mbps and unlimited data cap, the offer is pretty good for most Indonesians.

For more information on how the service works, you can check out the video walk-through below (in Bahasa Indonesia).

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