Indonesia's Touchten clones Flappy Bird


Flappy Bird, the surprisingly difficult (and surprisingly successful) mobile game from Vietnam, has taken the world by storm. And though Flappy Bird itself has been criticized for taking some of its art rather directly from Super Mario Brothers, Indonesia’s Touchten has taken the copy-catting a step further, releasing a game called Amazing Cupid that’s an obvious copy of Flappy Bird.

The game does have one unique twist, in that it allows to you send a secret valentine message to friends that they can unlock only by beating your high score in the game. It’s an interesting idea, although with a game as frustrating as Flappy Bird and its copies are, I have to wonder how many secret messages will go perpetually unread.

Still, it’s a bit of a shame to see a big and respectable company like Touchten trying to steal the thunder of Vietnam’s very-much-indie .GEARS. That said, Flappy Bird isn’t particularly unique itself, and copies were probably inevitable given its success.

UPDATE 10-2-2014: Touchten’s CEO tells me that the company got permission from .GEARS to make a derivative game.

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