Indonesian developer Touchten pissed after Ramen Chain game gets cloned


Indonesia’s game developer Touchten found that its new game Ramen Chain has been copied and published on GooglePlay under the name Daren Ramen Shop, by GayInTaylor569. Google Play does not indicate how many times the duplicate has been downloaded.

The copied game was released yesterday, just a week after the original game was released on October 1. When Touchten team downloaded the game, they confirmed it was exactly the same; the credits and logo of Touchten are all there. The team worries that it contains unexpected malware that can harm devices as well as Touchten’s reputation. The copied game uses push notification ads, which are spammy and contain questionable links. CEO of Touchten Anton Soeharyo says:

I am concerned that by the time people downloaded the bogus “Daren Ramen Shop”, there might be some security issues in the form of malware in the app, which might damage our reputation, or worse, cause damage to devices worldwide. The fact that the person took image by image and named it his/her own work without letting us know felt like someone took my wallet and told the whole world about it.

The team is now working to resolve it by sending a proper report to Google Play as well as trying to spread the piracy news to the public. The team’s friend helped out by posting a negative review (currently the only review) of the copied game in Google Play, which says, “Stolen from Ramen Chain”.

Who is the copier?

When we try to dig up more about the copycat developer, there are no details other than an email address, Currently, thirty games have been published under this name, and it seems all the games are pirated from other developers. Some of the pirated games include Lego Pullback Racers originally developed by the LEGO group and Truck Driver Simulator Big Rig developed by Mobile Agency. We are not sure how this account is still haunting Google Play, but we hope to see gone for good soon.

A similar scenario happened to Indonesia’s Elventales Studio’s Chase Burger, which was also copied and published on iOS and Android by someone named Zhang Huimei last year. The copied game was removed from Google Play and the Apple App Store not long after the report spread. We hope that Google Play takes this case seriously and removes the copied game as soon as possible. Google Play must take action to solve this kind of issue, or else similar issues will continue to occur.

Here is the original game’s appearance on Google Play (pictured below, upper) with copied version (pictured below, lower):

ramen chain 1

Original Ramen Chain

ramen chain 2

Daren Ramen Shop: copied version

(Editing by Paul Bischoff)

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