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Indonesian Corporations Recently Spent $557 Million on IT Hardware

Enricko Lukman
Enricko Lukman
3:30 pm on Dec 10, 2012

Market research company GFK Indonesia reported today that the country’s corporations have spent around $557 million on IT hardware during the six month period from April to September 2012. Here are more details regarding the firm’s findings:

  • Indonesian corporations account for 44 and 32 percent of the country’s total IT market sales value and volume.
  • Corporations spent mostly on desktop PCs, accounting for $300 million worth of purchases, with 460,500 desktops sold during the tracking period. Corporations spent half of that on laptops.
  • Consumers, on the other hand, chose to spend their money on laptops rather than desktop PCs, with a total of 1,160,500 laptops bought, for a total value of $516 million.
  • Retail desktop sales only account for 14 and 9 percent of retail sales value and volume respectively.

Guntur Sanjoyo, the general manager of GFK Indonesia, explained that corporations’ heightened demand for IT hardware toward the end of the third quarter can be attributed to the realization of government projects, as well as projects which were postponed in August due to the long Eid al-Fitr holiday. He adds:

Looking ahead for 2013, it is estimated that the B2B sector will [likely] perform well, steered by a positive investment trend in Indonesia’s private sector and the constant flow of projects in the government sector.

[Image source: it-outsource.info]

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  • Grnan

    Indonesia has 240 million ppl so on average people spend $2+ on IT gadget. Feels low amount.