Enricko Lukman
Enricko Lukman
6:00 pm on May 1, 2013

A company that monitors social media in Indonesia, Brand24.co.id, today released an interesting infographic 1 about the country’s airlines and their presence on social networking sites. AirAsia Indonesia is the king on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in terms of followers. While the country’s flagship airline, Garuda Indonesia, is quite strong on Facebook and Twitter, its presence on LinkedIn is minimal.

Brand24 then monitored the spikes in conversations that happened for local airlines Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, and Batavia air. Garuda was mentioned a lot of times when South Korean pop groups 2PM, Sistar, and Infinite made their flights to Indonesia with the airline. But there were also spikes in terms of mentions for the wrong reasons. A Lion Air plane crashed just off Bali’s coast a few weeks back, while Batavia Air was in figurative deep waters regarding the company’s bankruptcy.

Monitoring these online conversations as well as the social sentiment among Indonesian netizens, Lion Air and Garuda Indonesia were discussed more than AirAsia Indonesia. At least in the past two months.

The same company released another infographic last month, which was about how social Jakarta folks really are.

Here is the infographic on the nation’s airlines on social media:

indonesia in the sky brand24 infographic

  1. Disclosure: Tech in Asia is a Brand24 publishing partner for this infographic. See our ethics statement for more details.

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  • http://brand24.co.id/ Kaja Dutka

    We like it :)

  • http://www.kusman.com Obed Kusman

    Great graphics and all but what do it do to us? What are the analyses telling us for the users and the companies? Those only are my 5 cents for today. Awesome graphics though!

  • http://brand24.co.id/ Kaja Dutka

    @Obed: Thanks for your comment. We’re glad you like the graphic :) In the section “statistics” you can see just a piece of what we do. Brand24 – by monitoring a particular key phrase – will notify you in just minutes after the monitored brand or phrase was discussed in the Internet. Therefore, if something good or bad is happening online in a context of your brand, you will be the first person to know. You can act immediately and prevent a potentail crisis of your brand.

  • Adam

    Looks interesting, is that tool only for monitoring airlines or other businesses as well?

  • http://brand24.co.id/ Kaja Dutka

    @Adam: You can monitor any key word or phrase you want, regardless of the topic :)b

  • http://www.kusman.com Obed Kusman

    @KajaDutka thank you for clearing up some of my questions. Hopefully someday we can work together. In the meantime nothing is impossible. “Let’s get going and don’t look back”

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