Indonesia Twitter Users Getting Verified: An Inside Look at How that Happens


Indonesia is fifth in the world in the amount of users it has on Twitter. Jakarta has even been called the Twitter capital of the world with numerous trending topics coming from the Indonesian city. We previously reported that Twitter was translated into Bahasa Indonesian by the community, managed by handpicked moderators at Twitter Translation Center. Now apparently Twitter has been giving some of the account verification duties to local moderators as well.

One of the moderators from Indonesia (who asked not to be named) shared that moderators had been given the responsibility of screening a list of those Twitter users from Indonesia who have many followers. As I understand it, Twitter has 606 users on the list to be verified for now.

Although there is no specific minimum amount of followers needed to get verified, he hinted that those who are famous or widely followed are the ones who will be initially verified. The process of screening by the moderators will be by checking the website listed at a user’s bio (it must be a personal website, and cannot be a profile like urls, or any other for that matter), and then they will look to see whether there is a Twitter widget or a link pointed to their Twitter account on the website. Last but not least a user has to have a Wikipedia page, and a link from the Wikipedia page to the user’s website or Twitter account will be a big help too.

It’s interesting to hear how this process works, although we don’t know if this is the way Twitter does things in other countries or not.

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