Opera: Indonesia Now World’s 2nd Largest Market for Mobile Ad Impressions


Norwegian web browser maker Opera (OSE:OPERA) has just released its latest State of Mobile Advertising report which takes data from Opera’s own Mediaworks mobile ad platform during the last quarter of 2012. Focusing just on Asia, it reveals that, spurred on by ever greater uptake of Android smartphones across all price points, Indonesia is now the second largest nation for mobile ad impressions on Opera’s network (see chart below).

With the US top for mobile ad impressions and Indonesia second, there was also a lot of ad serving and clicking going on in India (5th), Japan (10th), and Vietnam (11th). While this is data from only one ad company, and so might not be representative of broader web browsing and ad tapping habits in the nations as a whole, it’s still interesting to see. Across the whole Opera Mediaworks ad platform, North America as a whole was way ahead:

mobile ad impressions Asia

Across the globe, Opera reports:

The fourth quarter represented more than a two-times increase in impressions
and revenue to publishers compared to any other quarter in 2012.

The most number of ad impressions came from music, video, and media-related ads, and was also the top in terms of generating revenue.

While you’re here, you might also like to see Opera’s findings in terms of mobile platforms. The company noted that “iOS continues to outperform other device platforms” and accounted for 51.02 percent of mobile ad revenues despite only clocking up 41.91 percent of all ad clicks. Android didn’t quick bring in such a proportion of ad revenue despite its rocketing usage:

mobile ad impressions iOS vs Android

If you’d like the whole Opera State of Mobile Advertising report, you can find it here.

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