India and the UK are Facebook BFFs [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The Infographic of the Day series visually expresses important stories from Asia and the world of technology.

Inside Facebook's Hyderabad office. (Image courtesy of Singla Ji Deepak).

A bit of data-delving by Western Union has revealed that British Facebook users have more friendship ties to India than anywhere else in the world.

The data was gathered using Western Union’s Your World Facebook app, which allows users to visualize where their buddies are in the world. Perhaps surprisingly, it reveals that the UK’s social media mavens have more ‘friended’ more people half the world away in India than in closer countries such as France or the US.

Of all the Facebook users in the UK who used the app, a full 11 percent of their overseas friends are Indian; American buddies are the next most numerous, making up eight percent. Here’s the infographic (which you can click to enlarge a bit, if you wish):

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