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A huge event is tough to cover. Sure, we have live blogging, infographics, photos, and tweets. But there isn’t a good way to keep event information intact after the show is over. You can use Storify to create a nice list of what happened (like we have here and here) or you can simply leave it to Eventifier, an India-based startup that aims to archive your events automatically. All you have to do is to submit your event and allow Eventifier to track your event through your hashtag (for e.g. #startupasia).

Nazim Zeeshan, co-founder of Eventifier, said that he loves attending and running events. But he was constantly frustrated when he couldn’t find a single location to consume the information after the event was over. He told me:

We all are interested in events and to know about all the happenings in and around the events. Who were the speakers? What were the tweets for the event? Shared pictures and videos and what were the slides for the various sessions?

However this dataflow is scattered; searching and finding this information in the vastness of internet is broken to us. These data were very random; hard to find and sort. Eventifier was born out of this annoyance.

So far, Eventifier has attracted about 160 event organizers to try out the product. You can see some of the archived events here. The end result is a page that categorizes information based on photos, videos, tweets, and slides. The product is still new so there are some broken images here and there. But still, I must say it is quite a neat idea to get events’ data filed automatically.

Zeeshan shared that they are looking to tie up with some of the major event management platforms to explore the possibility of integrating Eventifier as part of the services offered to event organizers. Eventifier will also roll out a premium plan for event organizers who want more than just basic archiving but also analytics and statistics features.

Two-month old, Eventifier is founded by Mohammed Saud Bakhar (UI/UX developer), Nazim Zeeshan (Back-end Python developer), and Jazeel Badur Ferry (Product guy) and is now incubated at The Startup Centre in Chennai, India.

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