HTC Brings Windows Phone 8 Handsets to Indonesia


HTC has just launched its flagship Windows Phone 8 (WP8) handsets, the HTC 8S and 8X, at an event yesterday evening in Indonesia. Kompas cites Agus Sugiharto, the country director of HTC Indonesia as saying that HTC is the first to announce WP8 devices in the country.

The HTC 8S will be priced at IDR 3.2 million ($332), while it’s more premium sibling the HTC 8X will be sold at IDR 5.8 million ($603). The local rate of import tax also makes them a bit pricey. These phones are more expensive in Indonesia than in Europe, where the HTC 8S is priced at $287 and the HTC 8X is $509 (also unlocked).

Looking at HTC’s most recent financial report, shows that the company is slipping in the smartphone race. But perhaps new handsets in the coming months – both WP8 and Android – could help stop the bleeding a little bit and maybe even bring the company back to its feet. Its HTC J Butterfly looked very impressive when we saw a preview in Tokyo last month.

The HTC’s 8S is going to start selling in December, while the 8X will be available at the end of this month in Indonesia. HTC is also rumored to be releasing the same products over in China in December.

HTC 8S Line

HTC 8X Line

[Source: Kompas]

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