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How Social Engagement is Changing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Willis Wee
Willis Wee
5:24 am on May 12, 2010

social conversations increasingWe’re witnessing the social media revolution – Each year, more people are engaging in social conversation via digital social platforms at an increasing rate of 30%.

So what could people talk about? Besides “hi and bye”, these people could be talking about your brand. It highlights the importance of providing excellent products and customer service. Inferior products spur negative buzz (we have got some disturbing statistics here) while on the contrary, brands that produce quality goods are often mentioned on Twitter.

This infographic, created by Flowtown, has illustrated how social engagement is changing with time. Such statistics have placed more pressure on brands to start listening and participating in these conversations. Those that did are often handsomely rewarded, typically in a period of disaster. We have seen how Boeing turned a potential disaster into applause and also how Wholefoods has effectively managed a backlash. All these are achieved through effective listening and participating.

Now, here’s the breathtaking statistics!


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