How do the top 20 League of Legends teams in the world rank?

C. Custer
C. Custer
10:00 am on Jul 28, 2014

Who is the best in the world at League of Legends? That’s a question that should be answered in a couple of months at the Season 4 World Championships, but until then, it’s up for debate. And while I don’t necessarily agree with all of their picks, it’s interesting to look at how the Chinese editors at Duowan have ranked the world’s top 20 teams.

The teams were ranked by a vote amongst the site’s editors, taking into account recent performances, historical trends, and comparative strategy and observations. Do you agree with their rankings? Do you think we’ll see one of the Samsung teams take home the title this year at Worlds?


Do you agree with the Duowan editors’ picks?

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