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Missed out on the best Asia tech news from the past seven days? Worry not, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our roundup of the week’s top stories, sorted by popularity.

1. 5 reasons Samsung is facing a massive profit slump

Samsung today warned of an approximate 60 percent profit slump for its upcoming Q3 earnings report. Here’s why the Korean giant is in trouble.

2. Xiaomi announces black Mi4 coming October 28, responds to Apple’s design lead calling its design “theft”

Apple’s Jony Ive calls the Mi4 phone design “theft” but Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra responds. Plus, a black version of the Mi4 is coming soon!

3. I’m feeling sour about Uber Singapore’s free ride promo. Here’s why

Uber gave free rides to Singaporeans for one day. Good move or bad?

4. Entrepreneur porn is fine, but remember that it’s just porn

Last month, after Ali Mese’s inspirational essay about entrepreneurship went viral, my colleague Daniel wrote a piece in defense of it and of ‘entrepreneur porn’ in general. And while I agree with him that entrepreneur porn is necessary, I think it’s also important to point out just how accurate that term really is.

5. Line finally reveals its monthly active user count

It’s not what you think it is. Actually, it’s exactly what you think it is.

6. This is no joke: Vietnam’s funniest website just got acquired

HaiVL is one of Vietnam’s most promising media startups. It cloned the 9gag funny image model and achieved 4 million uniqe visits per day within 2 years.

7. After success with phones, Xiaomi now wants to make your home smarter

Upstart Chinese phone-maker Xiaomi today unveiled a bunch of smart home gadgets.

8. Forget courage. Why being a chicken entrepreneur may suit you better

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing,” says business tycoon Warren Buffett, a man who believes in calculation. Often we hear about entrepreneurs who are fearless and undaunted.

9. Flipkart records $100 million sales on Big Billion Day, but at what price?

Flipkart’s #BigBillionDay was trending on Twitter in India, but mostly for the wrong reasons. Yet, it claims to have achieved a sales target of $100 million in GMV.

10. 22 startups in Asia that caught our eye

Here’s our newest round-up of the featured startups on our site this week.

11. With more regulations in hand, guess who the MDA is after now?

Hint: Popular video streaming sites such as YouTube will be affected.

12. Meet Pozee, the anti-Tinder inspired by an ancient Hawaiian custom

This concept occurred to Hayes when she was on holiday in Hawaii.

13. Line dives head first into payments, taxi hailing, and on-demand food delivery

Line makes its clearest play yet to become a global conglomerate.

14. Breaking down the Uber battle in Malaysia

Thinking deeper and broader about the Uber showdown in Malaysia.

15. The 1st Malaysian company to list in the US does poorly on day one

This poor showing might be the result of unstable market conditions.

16. Why the Alibaba model is China’s next great export

Fast forward 15 years, it’s hard to believe that the consumer transaction volumes of Alibaba Group now surpass the worldwide sales of eBay and Amazon combined.

17. Brick-and-mortar store owners, this is what you’re missing out on

A store armed with the right data would be able to snag a larger portion of the 94 percent of retail sales being generated in physical stores.

18. Quirky dual-screen YotaPhone to launch in Malaysia on October 10

If e-ink is your thing, you’d be happy to learn that the YotaPhone is launching in Malaysia. It’s the first-gen version though.

19. Damage control: Flipkart says big sorry after big boo-boo

Hoping to stop the vitriol being poured on it in social media by furious consumers, Flipkart has come out with a profuse apology, acknowledging what had gone wrong.

20. Japanese startups are missing a killer app – foreigners

A more diverse workforce will create a stronger company in the long run.

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