Another Japanese Gaming Company Expands Abroad: Gumi Opens Korea Office



Gumi Korea CEO Gibon "Peter" Chang

Earlier today we noted GREE’s investment in IUGO Mobile International, the latest step from the social gaming company in its expansion from Japan to overseas markets. Similarly Tokyo-based Gumi [1], a Japanese mobile game developer in which GREE owns a 20 percent stake, also has its eyes set on expansion, making its first move today.

Gumi has announced the founding of Gumi Korea Inc, a fully owned subsidiary based in Seoul, dedicated to the development of mobile social games in South Korea and elsewhere [2]. Gumi plans to move ‘aggressively’ into the global market, and Korea is apparently phase one of that plan. Gumi Korea will move forward with Gibon “Peter” Chang as its CEO. He commented specifically on the potential that awaits the company in Korea:

The smartphone gaming market in South Korea is entering a rapid growth phase with 60 percent growth forecasted this year… At gumi Korea, we will focus on creating fun new mobile games for this market, with the same high quality standards as those produce by gumi in Tokyo.

The afore-mentioned GREE also has a subsidiary in Korea, and has already made a number of partners in the country. Likewise, its competitor DeNA has operations there too, and a key partnership with Daum for its Mobage platform.

  1. I’m aware the company doesn’t spell it with a capital ‘g.’  ↩

  2. See Gumi’s announcement in Japanese on its website.  ↩

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