Guild Wars 2 priced in China at just $14


Guild Wars 2 has already started its free trial in China, and now the game finally has a price set for when it goes on sale later this spring: 88 RMB (about $14.50). Preorders will begin on April 2 via the game’s official site.

If you’re based in China and haven’t had a chance to give the game a try yet, you’ve still got time, as the unlimited free trial runs through 5 P.M. on Monday the 24th. You can download the game client on the same official site linked above.

The pricing of the game is quite interesting, as it is much cheaper in China than elsewhere. In the US, for example, Guild Wars 2 sells for $50. Prior to the pricing being announced, I had speculated that Kongzhong and NCSoft’s hopes that China could fix flagging sales of the game might be unrealistic, but with pricing this low—keep in mind this is a one-time fee, and after it’s paid gamers never have to pay again to play—it’s going to look very enticing.

Can Guild Wars 2 be the next MMORPG to make a huge splash in China? And can it make game publishers in the region reconsider their approach to MMORPG monetization? This could get interesting!

(via Netease Games)

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